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This CPD accredited theoretical update for cytology has been developed for practitioners who are trained to take cervical samples.

Facilitated by Hanna Smith

The update covers all the requirements that are set by the NHS Cervical screening programme to ensure that the sample taker has met the guidelines for continuing to take samples.

Content will include:

  • Revision of the National Cervical Screening Program
  • To be able to identify common gynaecological disorders that may affect cervical screening, and when to refer
  • To be able to identify specific groups of women who may need individualised care.
  • To discuss professional, ethical and legal issues with regards to cervical screening.
  • To review the process of failsafe procedures with regards to results, ceasing and deferring of screening, and audits of practice.
  • To look forward to new initiatives and future changes to the NHS Cervical Screening Program.
  • To be able to confidently discuss HPV and its relevance to cervical screening and outcomes for women.
  • Discuss the cervical sample taking procedure, including infection control, health and safety, consent, best practice and problem solving.

Please note that only registered Nurses, Doctors, Nursing Associates, Physicians Associate and Midwives can take cervical samples and must have completed recognised training in sample taking prior to this update.

You must also have quality assessed 20 consecutive recent samples that you have taken looking at reflective practice and inadequacy rates prior to attending the update. This is a NHSCSP requirement.


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