17 June 2020

A Survival guide to Remote and Telephone Triage and Consultations- Online Training

During the coronavirus emergency, it is increasingly the case that all general practices and out of hours services, will operate telephone triage and/or conduct telephone or video consultations wherever possible. There has also been a rise in Health Care Assistants using the telephone to conduct some chronic disease reviews.
Consulting with and assessing patients on the phone or by video carries risks, notably by not being able to see and/or examine the patient, and in many cases, HCA’s and other clinicians have had little or no relevant training.
Our training aims to increase your effectiveness; reduce your risk, and enhance your efficient use of time.

Our seminar
• Allows you to compare your successes and challenges with those of colleagues
• Presents with discussion ideas for managing remote patient reviews
• Explores findings from research
• Presents with discussion some relevant theory
• Works through a toolkit of skills for HCA’s to use in telephone and remote reviews

Suitable for all clinicians who speak to and assess patients on the telephone including
• GPs, GP Specialty Trainees
• Nurse Practitioners/GP Practice Nurses/nurses in other roles
• HCA’s who conduct patient reviews
• Clinical Pharmacists & Pharmacists
• Physician Associates
• Physiotherapists
• Hospital doctors/other clinicians who follow up patients or assess symptoms over the phone

We use a balance of activities including
• Presentation with facilitated discussion
• Interactive reflective activities
• Access to free online video and materials
We train via live webinar.  This allows real time text chat amongst participants. It allows you to direct questions at any time to the trainer and it allows the organisers to give the floor to participants as helpful.


Book here  for Drs, Nurses, clinical staff conducting online of telephone consultations

Book here for HCAs conducting reviews of long term health conditions