SNOMED – Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms

Primary Care will be using SNOMED CT from the 1st April 2018. The new browser replaces our familiar coding systems Version 2 and CTV 3. The change will benefit both patients and clinicians and enhance the already available Electronic Shared Record. This is the only coding system suitable for all Health Organisations that deliver Health Care and is used Globally opening up the doors for further research.


I have now completed the six planned “Overview” sessions. 167 delegates attended and the feedback was really positive. Here is a small sample of the positive comments:

  • “Very helpful. It made the transition a lot less scary, thank you”.
  • “Found this very helpful and gave us more information to take back to our practices”
  • “As always explained very clearly, excellent”
  • “Another very good and informative presentation thank you”
  • “We now have the knowledge to be able to plan ahead the work required to update own searches, protocols and templates, thank you”


If there is enough demand we will consider delivering another session at Witham, please register an interest with[email protected]