These DVDs provide step by step guidance and are an excellent way to bring ‘In House Training’ to your practice.  The characters are played by some very well known actors including John Cleese, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders and more. These DVDs can also be useful on  ‘Shut Down Days’.

Each DVD comes with a “Discussion Leader’s” Guide and a step by step booklet, which needs be read before viewing the DVD, by the Discussion Leaders/Facilitators/Trainers.  All supporting booklets to the DVDs set out suggested step by step course programme with each section timed.

These DVDs are FREE to hire only by EQUIP members who are based in Essex surgeries.  We will courier them to you. They have to be sent back to us by registered post or personally delivered.  We do require a signature on delivery as these DVDs are extremely expensive to replace. Please note we CANNOT lend them to NON Members.

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The discipline interview
To ensure managers appreciate how to maintain people’s long term performance by applying necessary discipline

This DVD will help you develop and improve the level of service which you and your team provide. Whatever your role in the organisation you have a significant part to play in creating a satisfactory images for your organisation. We all think we know about the external customer but what about the internal customer! Very thought provoking.


The Rules of Effective Communication

We all think we’re really good communicators on the telephone, don’t we? This DVD will certainly make you aware of ways you can improve your telephone skills. The discussion guide has particularly good “Tips for Trainers” on page 34 of the discussion guide and the “Follow up and Evaluation” points on page 37 will ensure the training is an ongoing process.


Suitable for GPs, Nurses and staff

To show what assertiveness behaviour is and isnt, and how and when to be assertive. Assertiveness behaviour means saying what we want,need,feel,think or believe in ways which are direct,honest and approriate. By behaving more assertively your staff can be more positive, more creative and better equipped to get their job done effectively.


To show staff how to be more organised,efficient and effective in the way they handle paperwork. People must control paperwork, not let it dominate them. The DVD demonstrates that an office worker swamped by paperwork doesn’t think its a problem,she’s convinced she needs it close at hand to do her job.


To help people choose where time-managment skills are a priority in their work lives and and turn them into positive actions. This will benefit Managers, Team Leaders and anyone who has demands placed on their time. 30 hints and tips to make themselves more efficient and effective.

To show managers how to manage performance on a day-to-day basis and not rely on an occasional performance related meeting to get improved performance.


Nobody enjoys being criticised, which is why few managers relish the prospect of criticising their staff- yet is has to be done. Everyone makes mistakes and no-one should be allowed to go on making the same mistake- and people shouldn’t have to wait until an appraisal to discover something they have done is wrong.


This will appeal to people who know how to be good managers’ but who also appreciate some down to earth advice at a time when mounting pressure can blur priorities.


In a wrong-way scenario, the DVD shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers. Then, when staff adopt the PERFECT technique, they manage to change the outcome. This DVD is suitable for all staff who regularly face the public/patients/customers etc.


To ensure customer/patient-facing staff learn how their behaviour can be used to improve customers’.patients’ attitudes, and create new opportunities. This light-hearted programme raises some simple but key issues, and expresses them in a professional, down to earth manner. Any staff seeing this will learn how to deal with customers/patients’ by being professional and choosing their behaviour. Personal problems and prejudices should be hidden, and cutomers/patients’ should be welcomed and put at their ease.

Hyfrecator Training common dermatological procedures, electro surgery. For healthcare professionals.

We still hold some subjects in a video version click here for available list of videos