You will need to record a contraindication code for each therapy within the group (you would need to use 8I25. and 8I2K. and 8I24.) for the patients to be removed from the indicator. The codes overleaf are Expiring exception codes, you will need to record them every 15mths.

Version 2 – Isoft, Vision, EMIS and Microtest.




8I25. Warfarin contraindicated

8I2K.Clopidogrel contraindicated

8I24.Aspirin prophylaxis contra-indicated

8I3E. Warfarin declined

8I3R. Clopidogrel declined

8I38. Aspirin prophylaxis refused

8I65. Warfarin not indicated

8I6B. Clopidogrel not indicated

8I66. Aspirin not indicated

8I71.Warfarin not tolerated

8I6B. Clopidogrel not indicated

8I70. Aspirin not tolerated

8I2R. Anticoagulation contraindicated

8I3d. Anticoagulation declined

8I6N. Anticoagulation not indicated

CTV3 – SystmOne




XaFsz Warfarin contraindicated

XaJ6Y Clopidogrel contraindicated

XaDvH Aspirin prophylaxis contra-indicated

XaIIn Warfarin declined

XaJ6Z Clopidogrel declined

XaFsE Aspirin prophylaxis refused

XaIIh Warfarin not indicated

XaJ5l Clopidogrel not indicated

XaFsE Aspirin prophylaxis refused

XaJ5b Warfarin not tolerated

XaJ5c Clopidogrel not tolerated

XaJ5a Aspirin not tolerated

XaKAB Anticoagulation contraindicated

XaKAD Anticoagulation declined

XaKA7 Anticoagulation not indicated

XaKA0 Anticoagulation not tolerated

Yes, this should happen at the time of registration as it is still sits as part of your GMS contract under the global sum payment

Although it is a quarterly automatic extraction under the payment link, there is one manual entry to be made by the practice. You need to enter the number of patients on the LD register who are aged 14 and over.  This is necessary because the number will differ to your LD QOF register.

No, for all the claims you are submitting manually you are only required to enter ‘0’ in the management section and enter the number completed in the second section. The management questions will be filled once automatic extraction has happened. This is why you should ensure you have used the correct Read codes for all the DES that will be extracted for CQRS.

I would follow the following steps:


  • Check your SMART card is updated to allow you access.
  • The java software on your computer may need to be updated. If you are java 1.4 you will need to ask IT to upgrade you.
  • Check your internet browser is up to date
  • If the above does not work, a couple of practices have had to have IT out to sort the issue


Go to https://www.gpes.nhs.uk with your SMART card logged in. This will take a short period of time to authenticate.

If you have not yet registered I would suggest that you do. When setting the practice preferences, it is recommended that you accept ‘automatic extraction for anonymous data’.

No, TPP has confirmed If a vaccination has been mapped to a Read code, then it will be extracted correctly. To check which vaccinations are mapped to Read codes, go to Setup > Vaccinations > Available Vaccinations.

A link to the latest document is available on the EQUIP website

Once the three letters have been sent by the  HA, you would have fulfilled the criteria. But the majority of practices normally have a policy in place where the practice sends one final letter inviting the patient in to either have a smear or to discuss reasons why they do not wish to take up the offer of the smear. This demonstrates that as a practice you have done all within your control to try and help the non-responders.

What practices find in general is a letter from the practice with information enclosed regarding how important this test is to their wellbeing increases the up-take.

It may be that you send a number of letters over a period of approximately three months and audit the up-take to see if it is beneficial. The average % of exception reporting for smears in Essex for practices is around 3.7%.

Yes the disclaimer once signed will exclude the patient for 5 years with the Clacton CS but QOF requires the exceptions to be entered every 15mths. Set a recall system up so to re-enter the code at the time of expiry or they will re-appear in the ‘work to do list’. The following exception codes are available for QOF


Version 2                                                                               CVT3

  1. Ca cervix screen – not wanted 6853.    Ca cervix screen – not wanted

685L.    Cervical smear refused                            XaFs3 Cervical smear refused

8I6K.     Cervical smear not indicated                  XaK29            Cervical smear not indicated

9O8Q.  Cerv.smear disclaimer received              9O8Q.  Cerv.smear disclaimer received





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