No, TPP has confirmed If a vaccination has been mapped to a Read code, then it will be extracted correctly. To check which vaccinations are mapped to Read codes, go to Setup > Vaccinations > Available Vaccinations.

A link to the latest document is available on the EQUIP website

If this group of patient have been coded as in remission in the past and have now experienced a new episode you will need to add the Read code for the appropriate mental episode (Example – Schizophrenia, Bipolar or other Psychoses) with either an episode type of ‘New’ or ‘First’, then code the care plan. You require the episode to be read coded with an episode type to supersede the ‘in remission’ Read code.

If you are having a problem designing a Mental Health Care plan template you can request an example from Jill Warn.

V23 Data Set and Business Rules have now been released with a number of amendments. It was recognised that a number of medications had not been included within the therapy QOF clusters, this has been corrected and the medication listed below are now to be included.


fu9..% following:


DENOSUMAB 60mg/1mL solution for injection prefilled syringe

PROLIA 60mg/1mL solution for injection prefilled syringe

XGEVA 120mg/1.7mL solution for injection

DENOSUMAB 120mg/1.7mL solution for injection




fo8..% following:

Ibandronic acid

Ibandronic acd 2mg/2mL i-v inf

Bondronat 1mg/mL inf 2mL amp

Bondronat 50mg tablet

Bondronat 1mg/mL inf 6mL vial

Bonviva 150mg tablet

Bonviva 3mg/3mL inj p/f syrg

Ibandronic acid 3mg/3mL syrg

Ibandronic acid 150mg tablet

Ibandronic acid 6mg/6mL inf

Ibandronic acid 50mg tablet



fn2..% following:


*CALSYNAR 100iu/1mL injection

*CALSYNAR 400iu/2mL injection


MIACALCIC 50iu/1mL injection

MIACALCIC 100iu/1mL injection

MIACALCIC 400iu/2mL injection

*FORCALTONIN 100iu/1mL inj

MIACALCIC 200iu nasal spray


CALCITONIN(SALM) 100iu/1mL inj

CALCITONIN(SALM) 400iu/2mL inj

Yes the disclaimer once signed will exclude the patient for 5 years with the Clacton CS but QOF requires the exceptions to be entered every 15mths. Set a recall system up so to re-enter the code at the time of expiry or they will re-appear in the ‘work to do list’. The following exception codes are available for QOF


Version 2                                                                               CVT3

  1. Ca cervix screen – not wanted 6853.    Ca cervix screen – not wanted

685L.    Cervical smear refused                            XaFs3 Cervical smear refused

8I6K.     Cervical smear not indicated                  XaK29            Cervical smear not indicated

9O8Q.  Cerv.smear disclaimer received              9O8Q.  Cerv.smear disclaimer received





To remove those from the indicator you would need to record a not indicated for both, if you have already done this then let me know.


XaJ5m Angiotensin II receptor antagonist not indicated


XaIIf    Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor not indicated

Version 2

8I6C.   Angiotensin II receptor antagonist not indicated


8I64.    Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor not indicated

No. It has to be face to face advice. There is the letter on the EQUIP website that can be sent and if they return the slip at the bottom declining the invite you could exclude them by scanning the reply on to their record. You can call them and offer them an appointment and again if they decline you can exception report them but clearly states in the guidance book the advice is a face to face consultation.

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