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Event Details

This course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

The aim of the course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they require to undertake venepuncture in general practice.

The one day course consists of:

  • A theory and practical skills.   This is then followed by a period of supervised practice with a nurse mentor.  A competency assessment package will be provided.
  • Please note the workshop takes place in person at the EQUIP training offices in Witham, Essex

All students need to have the full course of hepatitis B vaccination before starting the course in order to complete the practical competency.

Course content:

  • Legal and professional issues
  • The composition of blood
  • Anatomy and physiology of blood circulation
  • Common blood tests.
  • Venepuncture technique including a practical session
  • Health and safety
  • Infection control
  • Complications of venepuncture and how to prevent them

9th November 2023 – Face to Face at the EQUIP Offices in Witham


Event details

This event is for HCAs and other unregistered staff and will be delivered online.

It is an interactive case-study-based session, where you can test out your knowledge and understanding of all things blood pressure related in a safe, supportive environment.

8th January 2024 – online



Event Details

This course is open to all HCAs requiring an annual immunisation update in line with “National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training of Healthcare Support Workers” (PHE 2015) and for ongoing CPD.

The course will refresh the necessary knowledge and skills for adult immunisations and will revisit existing skills in Flu, Shingles and Pneumococcal vaccinations whilst reviewing governance for immunisations and legal frameworks.

There will be opportunity to update competency frameworks for immunisations with interactive learning through case studies, discussion and a summary quiz to demonstrate the learning.

29th November 2023 – online

14th February 2024 – online


This course is designed to enable HCAs in general practice to obtain the knowledge and skills they need to administer flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines to adults, nasal flu to children and B12 injections to adults

The course consists of 2 face to face study days, followed by a period of supervised practice with a nurse mentor.

Competency is assessed by:

  • a multiple choice/short answer test after the theory session
  • a formal competency assessment by the nurse mentor in practice.

The course content is based on the guidelines ‘National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training of Healthcare Support Workers’ (Public Health England 2015)

Course content:

  • Legal issues and the role of the HCA in immunisation
  • The immune system
  • Types of vaccine and how they work
  • Contraindications to immunisation
  • An overview of flu, pneumonia, shingles, pernicious anaemia
  • Injection technique including a practical session
  • Administration of nasal flu
  • Storage and handling of vaccines
  • Anaphylaxis and adverse reactions
  • Patient Specific Directions
  • Documentation, record keeping and reporting

12th & 13th December 2023 – Essex EQUIP Witham


Event Details

This one day online course will be delivered by Hanna Smith, Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Course content:

  • Basic A&P
  • Overview of all contraceptive methods
  • Basic History Taking for Contraceptive methods
  • Observations – what’s needed and why
  • Safeguarding, Age and Consent
  • Asymptomatic STI Screening

10th January 2024 – online


This half day course is designed to enable HCAs to obtain knowledge and skills in ECG recording.  Its aim is to ensure that HCAs understand what it is they are recording and why accurate lead placement is important, as well as how to record the ECG and know when they have produced an adequate ECG.  They will be provided with a competency package in ECG recording to complete in practice under the supervision of a nurse mentor.

1st May 2024