This course is for non-clinical staff.

Patients bring a variety of expectations to their healthcare providers – some of which are not realistic. Responding to unrealistic expectations can be frustrating at best, and a source of conflict with patients at worst.

Course Description

The group will process this with facilitated discussion. Since we also know that effective learner change in communication skills has only been demonstrated by training that takes a skills based approach, this is an important part of the seminar – incorporating practice, observation, feedback and further rehearsal.

A series of exercises allows the participants to examine some of the important messages, moving to rehearsal of the specific skill areas that will most repay development.

There is a balance of brief presentation, focused discussion, group work and skills rehearsal – supported by a referenced workbook and moving briskly to retain learner engagement.

  • Responding to unrealistic expectations
  • Frameworks to help to look at and managing these situations
  • Be able to respond to unrealistic expectations
  • Be able to establish frameworks to review and manage difficult situations
  • Share and learn from the experiences of fellow participants

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