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Time: 9.00am -4.30pm

A one day event in association with PCDS

GPs use stetho-, auro- and ophthalmo-scopes because they help in establishing health or disease. Dermoscopy is another aid to diagnosis which the PCDS feel at least one member of any practice should be competent to use. The PCDS has, for some time, been a leading proponent of dermoscopy because of the increased ability it provides to sort out benign from possibly malignant skin lesions. It is not enough to buy an instrument and expect to be an instant expert and we have become aware of the need for training at both an introductory and advanced level.

The Dermoscopy for Beginners day course is designed to provide GPs with the knowledge of types of instruments, what you can rapidly learn to improve your diagnostic accuracy and to warn you when expert opinion is needed. The aim of the training is to safely differentiate the obviously benign lesions such as seborrhoeic keratosis, from possible cases of melanoma and thereby reduce the large numbers of skin lesions that are referred to Secondary Care under the 2 Week Rule.

The Advanced Dermoscopy course takes the delegate that step further. It is important that anyone interested in the advanced course has actually spent time using their dermatoscope before coming on the course.


Hylands Estate has two entrances depending where you would like to go. Please use the The Hylands House entrance, which is off Three Mile Hill, London Road, it is closest to the house.


There are car parks at each entrance to Hylands Estate. Please use the one that is located next to the Hylands House entrance off London Road.




The nearest train station to Hylands is Chelmsford Station.
You can look at Greater Anglia to check which trains stop at Chelmsford Station.

The station is approximately a 10 minute drive from Hylands Estate.


The number 351 First bus stops near the house entrance.

You can look at First Essex to check which buses go to Hylands.


There are designated cycle routes for both the Hylands House and Park entrances both viewable on google maps.

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Cancellations with a full refund will be accepted up to and including 15 days prior to the event.  Any refund request for places cancelled after this date will not be refunded.