About this Course

This three-part workshop introduces a number of different approaches to time management.

A key part of time management is being clear as to what you wish to achieve.

Participants will go through a process of identifying roles in their lives and then setting goals appropriate to these.

  • Learn about principles of time management
  • Improve their work-life balance
  • Identify their roles in life and set practical personal goals
  • Recognise how they can be more efficient
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Identify what they can delegate
  • Spot what they can dump

This course will also equip attendees with the skills to effectively assign work to others. This includes determining what to delegate, to whom to delegate, and how to successfully discuss the assigned task.

  • Learning steps to delegate effectively
  • Develop strategies to deal with barriers and fears to delegation
  • Explore how to deal with resistance and push-back
  • What to consider when delegating to a group
  • Explore how to influence peers to accept delegation
  • Proper controls prevent loss of control – policy and procedure
  • The importance of providing recognition and reinforcement

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