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As everyone is aware a pill check is very important .

The role of the HCA is to collect information to support a practitioner who must be on site. They cannot make diagnosis or give treatment in this field .e.g. decide which pill is best for the women if she has side effects with the one she is taking.

This day will give the HCA an overall understanding of the Pill and Depo and the other considerations for women related to these scenarios, however, it will NOT enable the HCA to give care to women without clear guidelines, protocols and templates being developed by the surgery/place of work to ensure safety for women, the HCA and the practice.

Course content:

  • The menstrual cycle in relation to contraception and pregnancy testing.
  • History taking and consent
  • Dispelling the myths of contraception
  • History and Observations required related to contraception
  • Enabling testing for asymptomatic patients to take self swabs and urine collection.

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