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This course is designed for anyone who is new to the role of Practice Manager or for those who would like to understand the role in more detail.

This will be delivered via Microsoft Teams over two short days, a week apart.

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Day 1

Module 1 – Workforce management

  • Policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and induction
  • Confidentiality
  • Uniforms/badges
  • Appraisals/Training Needs Analysis
  • Training
  • Communication (electronic and verbal)
  • Succession planning and workforce planning

Module 2 – “Involving” patients and service delivery

  • PPGs (patient participation groups)
  • Complaints procedure
  • The Family and Friends Test

Module 3 – Unlocking the potential of IT in your practice

  • All partners using IT efficiently
  • Eireferral system
  • Use of IT auditing functions for LES, DES, vaccinations and immunisations
  • Quality audits for clinical and prescribing data
  • Use of templates
  • Read coding
  • Standard policy for practice coding
  • Telephony
  • Labour saving devices

Module 4 – Health and Safety

  • Building maintenance and equipment
  • Supervising contractors on site
  • Recycling all waste and medication
  • DEC – Display Energy Certificate
  • Calibration of medical equipment
  • PAT testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Infection control/ cleaning schedule
  • Trained first aiders
  • Disaster recovery plan/business continuity plan
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire safety policy
  • RIDDOR/Accident book

Day 2

Module 5 – Finance

  • Maximising income
    • SFE (Statement of Financial Entitlements)
    • Area teams, Capita
    • Enhanced services, QOF
    • Claims for rent, rates, clinical waste, refuse and water
    • Medical reports and copies of patient’s notes
    • Non NHS income
    • Open Exeter/payment agencies
  • Controlling expenditure
    • Best value purchasing
    • Review annually all ongoing contracts, e.g. insurance, utilities, maintenance
    • Best use of payment and income terms
    • Efficient stock control
    • Invoice logging
  • General accounting
    • Income/expenditure budget
    • Petty cash control
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Allocation of partnership shares
    • Financial year ends
    • Bank charges
  • Payroll
    • Cost efficient method of managing payroll
    • NHS pension administration

Module 6 – Business planning and processes

  • Partnership ethic and involvement of all stakeholders
  • Mission statement
  • Strategic planning
  • Business/action planning
  • Decision making processes
  • Change management and evaluation
  • Ownership of changes agreed
  • Evaluation processes
  • Communication systems

Module 7 – Partnership

  • Types of contracts
  • Performer’s List
  • Partnership agreement
  • Building agreement
  • Revalidation for GPs
  • Insurances
  • CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration

Module 8 – The future of primary care and ongoing support for the management of the practice

  • What is clinical commissioning?
  • Mergers and federating
  • Service provision
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Establishment of networks
  • FPM – discussion forum
  • Action learning sets

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