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This is a CPD-certified course and is designed specifically for practice nurses who are new to performing cervical samples.


The course spans two days of theoretical training.  Followed by up to six months of clinical practice to meet the requirements of the course.

Theoretical Training

During these two days, students receive instruction and practical demonstrations related to cervical sample taking and other relevant topics. These include discussions on best practices, safety measures, and procedures.  Day two of the training includes sample taking practice on a training manikin. This hands-on experience is essential for students to develop their skills and gain confidence prior to starting real-world clinical practice.

Portfolio of Evidence

After the theoretical and practice training, students are required to compile a portfolio of evidence. This portfolio includes documentation that is completed with their Nurse mentor, reporting of their experiences and activities whilst undertaking the post theoretical training activities.

Pathology Laboratory Visit

One component of the portfolio involves visiting a pathology laboratory. This visit provides students with insights into the laboratory processes related to sample analysis and the role of a laboratory.

Colposcopy Clinic Visit

Another part of the portfolio involves a visit to a colposcopy clinic. Students will learn about procedures and practices in such clinics.

Supervised and Indirectly Supervised Practice

Students are expected to practice sample taking under the supervision of a Nurse mentor in practice. This means they will be closely guided and monitored while they gain practical experience.

Assessment by External Assessor

Students undergo an assessment in a real-world practice setting by an external Assessor. This assessment ensures that they can apply what they’ve learned effectively in a clinical environment.

Trainer Sign-Off

After successfully completing the assessment and meeting the course requirements, students receive sign-off from the trainer. This signifies that they have met the standards and are deemed competent in the skills taught in the course.



Travelling to Essex Equip By Car:

There is NO parking at the venue, but the public pay and display car park can be found on Newland Drive (CM8 2AP) about 300 yards away.  £6 for the whole day or for further tariff, please see Braintree Council Website

From the car park walk back to Collingwood Rd and then back up to the traffic lights. At the traffic lights turn left onto Newland St. (The George PH is on the corner) carry on walking until you reach the zebra crossing (outside the Public Library), cross the road and head towards the Dorothy L Sayers Statue and the Job Centre. Our entrance just at the rear of the Job Centre.

By Train

It is a 7 min walk from Witham Railway Station, head towards the town, turn left at THE AVENUE, continue walking down The Avenue to the junction with Newland Street, then turn right, carry on walking until you reach the zebra crossing (outside the Public Library), cross the road and head towards the Job Centre. Our entrance is just at the rear of the Job Centre.

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