This two day course for nurses covers the management of lower limb ulceration and treatment options.

Following the course, the student will need to undertake a period of supervised practice with a clinical mentor who is competent at both Doppler and multi-layer compression.

The course will have both theory and practical elements and will cover the following:

  • Understand what a leg ulcer is
  • Identify factors that contribute to venous, arterial and mixed aetiology leg ulcers
  • Differentiate between the various types of leg ulcers and recognise their different signs and symptoms
  • Anatomy & physiology of the venous system in the lower limb
  • Overview of the circulatory system
  • Differences between veins & arteries
  • Normal venous return
  • Resting & working pressures
  • How compression works
  • The importance of holistic assessment
  • The different bandage types and their functions
  • Working and resting pressures
  • Graduated compression
  • The different compression classes
  • How hosiery can help
  • Types of hosiery available
  • Factors that can influence measuring for standard and made to measure hosiery
  • Understand the theory underpinning Doppler assessment.
  • Know why to carry out Doppler assessment.
  • Understand how to carry out a Doppler assessment.
  • Understand and interpret results.
  • Understand factors that influence results.


Travelling to Essex Equip By Car:

There is NO parking at the venue, but the public pay and display car park can be found on Newland Drive (CM8 2AP) about 300 yards away.  £6 for the whole day or for further tariff, please see Braintree Council Website

From the car park walk back to Collingwood Rd and then back up to the traffic lights. At the traffic lights turn left onto Newland St. (The George PH is on the corner) carry on walking until you reach the zebra crossing (outside the Public Library), cross the road and head towards the Dorothy L Sayers Statue and the Job Centre. Our entrance just at the rear of the Job Centre.

By Train

It is a 7 min walk from Witham Railway Station, head towards the town, turn left at THE AVENUE, continue walking down The Avenue to the junction with Newland Street, then turn right, carry on walking until you reach the zebra crossing (outside the Public Library), cross the road and head towards the Job Centre. Our entrance is just at the rear of the Job Centre.

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