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The 2024 Women’s Health Conference aims to provide primary care healthcare professionals with a thorough understanding of clinical issues that specifically impact women’s health. Through this conference, delegates will have the opportunity to incorporate new concepts and knowledge into their clinical practice in a suitable and effective manner. The event also intends to help attendees recognise areas of improvement in women’s healthcare delivery within the context of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, meeting patient expectations, and adhering to government regulations.

In alignment with International Women’s Day, the conference will showcase distinguished professionals as keynote speakers, enriching the learning journey and fostering networking prospects for participants. These accomplished speakers will share their expertise and insights, creating a vibrant and interactive environment for all attendees. The fusion of education, collaboration, and inspiration aims to propel advancements in the realm of women’s health and enhance the quality of patient care.

The Agenda will include:

  • Optimising Sexual Health in Mid Life – Dr Olivia Hum, GP and BMS Menopause Specialist. Foundry Healthcare Lewes. Myla Health
  • Menopause and sleep – Dr Zoe Schaedel, GP and BMS Menopause Specialist. Brighton and Hove Menopause Clinic. Myla Health.
  • GSM and vulval skin conditions – Victoria Howell, Menopause Specialist Nurse
  • HRT – prescribing tips and troubleshooting problems – Dr Susanna Unsworth, Menopause and Women’s Health Specialist: Founder Cambridge Women’s Health
  • Contraception for Women over 40 – Neerja Gupta, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford
  • Inequalities in Women’s Health – Dr Gbemisola David-West, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar, Oxford University Hospitals





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