Booking Your Courses

Suffolk & North East Essex Training Hub has commissioned the below courses.  These funded courses can only be booked via the below links.

They are not visible on the public Essex EQUIP website.


  • Delegates need to be employed within the Suffolk and North East Essex Primary Care footprint.
  • Agency or locum staff are not eligible for this training.

Terms and Conditions

  • All bookings are to be made via the Essex EQUIP website
  • In order to book one of these events, you will need an EQUIP online account.  If you have not already set one up, it is a free and simple process.  To set up an EQUIP account please register here.  Upon set up return to this page link, ‘add to cart’  your chosen course(s) and check out.
  • When your booking is complete it will be held as ‘pending’ until it has undergone an authorisation process by Suffolk and North East Essex Training Hub.  Once the booking has been authorised, you will receive a booking confirmation email and the ticket for your course will appear in your account as confirmed.
  • All bookings will be subject to authorisation by the Suffolk and North East Essex (SNEE) Training Hub
  • Cancellations are acceptable, but SNEE Training Hub requests these are made at least 15 days prior to the start of the course.  Any cancellations within 14 days of the course date(s) may result in the practice being charged the full cost of the course.
  • Non-attendance of a training course may result in the practice being charged the full cost of the course fee(s)
  • All correspondence relating to these training courses should be sent to [email protected]

Event Details

  • Understanding the Caldicott Guardian Role
  • Relationships within the organisation between SIRO, DPO and Information Governance
  • Key tasks and responsibilities
  • How to comply with the Caldicott Guardian Principles
  • The Common Law of Confidentiality, ethics, trust and the case law
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Key Legislation
  • Lawful handling of data, processing, consent, personal data, special category data and exemptions
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Privacy by Design
  • Data Protection and Security Toolkit

Full Details/Book Now – 19th October (a.m. only)


Full Details/Book Now – 28th March (a.m. only)

Event details

This half day course is for non clinical staff and HCAs who would like to undertake the role of chaperone in their practice.

Full details/Book now – 13th October 2022

Full details/Book now – 8th February 2023

Full details/Book now – 15th June 2023

Event details

A  session that covers all you need to know from Registration and making changes, understanding locations including those in respect of Federations and PCN’s, to the different types of inspection, KLOE’s and the CQC’s new strategy “Driving Improvement”.

Full Details/Book Now – 28th September 2022

Event details

This half day training session is for Administration and Prescription Clerks who are responsible for the management process of discharge letters from receipt to appropriate actions and outcomes.

Discharge summaries are an essential form of communication, it delivers a comprehensive history, interventions, outcome and continuing treatment.  With correspondence workflow systems and more tasks heading towards administration and the prescription clerks, its important the correspondence  is managed correctly.

Therefore having the correct process in place for discharge summaries, and ensuring staff understand the role they play in this process is essential.

Full Details/Book Now – 8th September a.m. (EMIS users only)

Full Details/Book Now – 11th October a.m. (SystmOne users only).

Event details

This very popular and well-evaluated course delivered by Darius Ferrigno, Primary Care Law.  The seminar is highly interactive and is delivered to delegates with a strong practical bias and a very focused approach.  The relaxed style of this seminar will give all delegates considerable opportunity to discuss their own queries.

Full Details/Book – 28th September 2022

Full Details/Book – 26th April 2023

Event details

Suitable for any practice staff involved in summarising of medical records or entering data.

Well-organised medical records are an essential component in providing quality care to your patients.  This course will provide delegates with a practical guide to summarising medical records in their practice.

Full Details/Book Now – 25th October (SystmOne only) 

Full Details/Book Now – 8th November (EMIS only).

Event details

This 3 hour webinar will give you an introduction to practice finance.  It will help you to gain an understanding of the income GP Practices receive via their contract with NHS England such as PCN Funding, core funding and enhanced services, as well as touching on income that may be received outside of the contract.

It will cover some of the basic terminology that may be used in discussions you have with the practice accountants, when discussing year end accounts, and provide you with an understanding of why it is important they have certain pieces of information.

The session will also cover some other topical areas such as cloud accounting, tax, pensions and actions to prevent fraud.

Full Details/Book Now – 30th November


Event details

This 3 hour webinar takes a deeper look into practice finance and assumes prior knowledge on NHS contracts and the funding streams and exposure to practice accounts.

You will be looking at how practices can maximise profits using different tools whilst also gaining a deeper understanding of the balance sheet and what this represents in terms of partner investments, focussing on drawings and working capital.

The session will also look into Primary Care Networks and the issues to look out for, ending with FAQ’s and problems areas such as PCSE, IR35 & Long term locums, Final Pay Controls etc.

Full Details/Book Now – 1st December 


Event details

This one hour Lunch & Learn session is aimed at practice managers employed by dispensing practices and will cover an overview of VAT registration and the different VAT rates that are in operation.  You will also gain an understanding of what partial exemption means and go through some examples of how VAT should be treated on certain types of income and expenses.

Full Details/Book Now – 7th December 


Event details

The course is suitable for all practice staff who are responsible for monitoring and delivering the core contract.  It is also suitable for clinicians who wish to have a greater understanding of the indicators regarding the care they deliver.

We are offer a series of videos for you to watch on-demand that cover the GMS contract and QOF and the option to book a live Q&A session to raise any queries you may wish to discuss.

The series of videos are made available to view by accessing the ticket in your account.  You are also able to book your Q&A session within this section too.  It is most beneficial to watch all the video’s prior to attending the Q&A session.

The Q&A sessions are an opportunity for you to raise and discuss any concerns, gain a better understanding and share ideas.

The next lunchtime Q&A session will take place on:

  • 6th October – 1.00pm to 2.00pm

Full Details/Book Now – On Demand

Event details

Clinical record-keeping is essential to facilitate communication between health professionals.  With the transition to SNOMED CT its important all staff responsible for entering information into a patients record needs the essential skills of coding information correctly. This course is suitable for all administrative staff.

Full Details/Book Now – 15th November SystmOne users only

Full Details/Book Now – 6th December EMIS users only

Full Details/Book Now – 9th February SystmOne users only.

Event details

The right of an individual’s access to their data is a key right of data protection law.

This course provides a practical step-by-step guide of how to recognise and respond to Subject Access Requests under the General Data Protection Regulation and associated legislation.

People’s trust in how organisations use their personal data plays a role in their overall confidence and support for your services.

Full details/Book – 19th October 2021 (p,m, only)
Full details/Book – 28th March 2022 (p.m. only)