There are currently five videos for this course, available for you to watch at your leisure which will be available within your EQUIP account.

Update W/c 7th September:  A fifth update will be added shortly. This will include all the latest guidance.

Watch the videos first, then please book the live Q&A Session, if you haven’t already done so.  The Q&A session will be delivered using Microsoft Teams

To download Microsoft Teams – Click here

Once again this year there are Contract and QOF Changes for 2020-2021!

There are two new Quality Improvement Domains, a reform to the Vaccination and Immunisation programme and an increase in the QOF points  and new QOF indicators

Course content will cover:

  • QOF points increase
  • Cost per point and average list size
  • Retired Indicators
  • New QOF Indicators/ recycling of 97 points
  • Patient Care Adjustment
  • New Quality Improvement Domains
  • Direct Enhanced Services (Networking)
  • Reform of the Vaccination and Immunisation scheme




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